This is a list of titles given to each character from each of their official profiles. Some characters have multiple titles which may change from one game appearance to the next. Each title says something about the character it's been given to, even if some are rather ambiguous.

(Note: not all characters have an official profile to have received a title from, and not all official profiles have been translated)



Alice Margatroid

  • Young Lady of Death (TH05, stage 3 boss)
  • Alice of the Country of Magic (TH05, extra stage boss)
  • Seven-Colored Puppeteer (TH07, TH7.5, TH08, TH10.5, TH11, TH12.3)
  • Superficially Busy Youkai (TH9.5)
  • Puppeteer of Hail (TH10.5)

Aya Shameimaru

  • Traditional Genso Reporter (TH09, TH10.5, TH11)
  • Humble Tengu Reporter (TH9.5)
  • Tengu Closest to Home (TH10)
  • Crow of Wind and Rain (TH10.5)
  • Fabricating Newspaper Reporter (TH12.5)
  • Traditional Reporter of Fantasy (TH12.3)

Byakuren Hijiri

  • The Great Sealed Magician (TH12)
  • Hardworking Monk (TH12.5)


  • Black Cat of Bad Omens (TH07)
  • A shikigami of a shikigami of the Sukima Youkai (TH07)
  • Hyperactive Monster Cat (TH9.5)

Chiyuri Kitashirakawa

  • Resident of fantasy that runs through time (TH03)


  • Ice Fairy of the Lake (TH06)
  • Youkai of the Ice (TH07)
  • Small Ice Fairy (TH09)
  • Unnatural Chill (TH9.5)
  • Ice Fairy (TH12.3)

Eirin Yagokoro

  • Brain of the Moon (TH08)
  • Town Pharmacist (TH9.5)
  • Hourai Pharmacist (PMiSS)


  • Innocent Devil (HRtP)


  • Hardworking witch who dreams of love (TH03)


  • The Porter of a Mansion (TH04)

Flandre Scarlet

  • Sister of the Devil (TH06)
  • Diabolic Wave (TH9.5)

Fujiwara no Mokou

  • Figure of the Person of Hourai (TH08)
  • Human Immune to Death by Fire (TH9.5)
  • The Crimson Watchguard (PMiSS)


  • Demon


  • Turtle

Hieda no Akyu

  • Memory of Gensokyo (PMiSS promotional comic)

Hatate Himekaidou

  • Modern Day Spirit Photographer (TH12.5 profile)
  • Inexperienced Spoiler Reporter (TH12.5 enemy)

Hina Kagiyama

  • Nagashi-hina of the Hidden God (TH10)
  • Master of Warding Away Bad Luck (TH12.5)

Hong Meiling

  • Chinese Girl (TH06, TH12.3)
  • Colorful Rainbow Gatekeeper (TH7.5)

Ichirin Kumoi

  • The Big Wheel That Guards and is Guarded (TH12)
  • The Flower that Blooms in the Sky (TH12.5)

Iku Nagae

  • Beautiful Scarlet Cloth (TH10.5, TH12.3)
  • Flying Rare Item (TH12.5)

Kaguya Houraisan

  • The Sinner of the Eternal and Instantaneous (TH08)
  • Inhuman Princess (TH9.5)

Kana Anaberal

  • Maiden poltergeist who's lost her dreams (TH03)

Kanako Yasaka

  • The Avatar of Mountains and Lakes (TH10)
  • God that Likes Hills (TH12.5)
  • Independent and Inflexible God (WaHH)
Kasen Ibara
  • The One-Armed, Horned Sennin (WaHH)

Keine Kamishirasawa

  • Half-beast of Knowledge and History (TH08)
  • History Eater (TH08 character intros.txt)
  • Formal Historian (TH9.5)
  • History-eating Half-beast (PMiSS)


  • Hellish Moon (HRtP)


  • The Fearsome Well Spirit (TH11)
  • Autumn Day's Man-Eater (TH12.5)

Kogasa Tatara

  • The Cheery Forgotten Umbrella (TH12)
  • Pitiable Illegally Dumped Object (TH12.5)

Koishi Komeiji

  • The Closed Eyes of Love (TH11)
  • Someone Thinking of Nothing (TH12.5)

Komachi Onozuka

  • Guide of the Sanzu no Kawa (TH09, 10.5)
  • Edokko God of Death (TH9.5)
  • Guide of Riverside Mist (TH10.5)
  • Sanzu River Ferryman (TH12.3)


  • Astral Knight (HRtP)


  • A princess dreaming of beauty in danmaku (TH03)


  • Vampire Girl (TH04)

Letty Whiterock

  • What Winter Left Behind (TH07)
  • Localized Cold Wave (TH9.5)
  • Youkai of Winter (PMiSS)

Lily White

  • Fairy Herald of Spring (TH07 character intros.txt)


  • Demon Boundary Person (TH05)


  • White Witch (TH05)

Marisa Kirisame

  • Sorceress
  • A Being made of Magic and Red Dream (TH03, TH04)
  • A Magician (TH05)
  • Magician of Red Dreams (SSG)
  • The Strange Magician (TH06)
  • Ordinary Magician (TH07, TH07.5, TH08, TH10.5, TH11, TH12, TH12.3, TH12.5)
  • An Ordinary Black Magician (TH08 character intros.txt, TH09, TH10)
  • Magician of Misty Rain (TH10.5)
  • Boldly Timid Human (WaHH)
  • The Magician Passing By (TH12.8)

Medicine Melancholy

  • Little Sweet Poison (TH09)
  • Poison Doll (TH9.5)


  • Samurai


  • Vengeful Ghost (HRtP)
  • Ghost
  • Spirit who leaves fate to the dream of eternity (TH03)
  • An Evil Spirit (TH05)

Minamitsu Murasa

  • The Ghost Left From the Drowning Accident (TH12)
  • Miserable Depths of the Ocean (TH12.5)

Minoriko Aki

  • Symbol of Abundance and Plenty (TH10)
  • Sweet-Smelling God (TH12.5)

Momiji Inubashiri

  • The Petty Patrol Tengu (TH10)
  • Mountain's Telegnosis (TH12.5)


  • Maid (TH04)

Mystia Lorelei

  • Night Sparrow (alternate translation of below title)
  • Wonder of the Night Sparrow (TH08, TH09)
  • Night Sparrow Youkai (TH9.5)


  • The Little Dowser General (TH12)
  • Simple Dowser (TH12.5)

Nitori Kawashiro

  • Super Youkai Warhead (TH10, TH11)
  • Aquatic Engineer (TH12.5)

Nue Houjuu

  • The Unidentified Fantastic Flying Girl (TH12)
  • The One Changing Between a Tiger and a Bird (TH12.5)


  • Supernatural Creature (TH05)

Parsee Mizuhashi

  • The Jealousy Beneath the Earth's Crust (TH11)
  • Monster with Green Eyes (TH12.5)

Patchouli Knowledge

  • The Girl of Knowledge and Shadow (TH06)
  • The Unmoving Great Library (TH7.5, TH10.5, TH11, TH12.3)
  • Enigmatic Source of Magic (TH9.5)
  • Witch of the Spring Haze (TH10.5)

Prismriver Sisters

Lunasa Prismriver

Merlin Prismriver

Lyrica Prismriver

  • Three Poltergeist Sisters (TH07)
  • Poltergeist Violinist (TH09)
  • Poltergeist Trumpeter (TH09)
  • Poltergeist Keyboardist (TH09)

Ran Yakumo

  • Shikigami of the Youkai of Boundaries (TH07)
  • Unusual Animal (TH9.5)
  • Kyuubi Strategist (PMiSS)

Reimu Hakurei

  • Shaman
  • Heroine (TH01, TH02)
  • Shrine Maiden who Protects Dream and Tradition (TH03, TH04)
  • Shrine Maiden (TH05)
  • Eternal Shrine Maiden (SSG, TH06)
  • Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise (TH07, TH7.5, TH08, TH09)
  • Shrine Maiden of Paradise (TH10, TH10.5, TH11, TH12, TH12.3)
  • Sunny Shrine Maiden(TH10.5)
  • Flying Mysterious Shrine Maiden (TH12.5)
  • Freewheeling Human (WaHH)

Reisen Udongein Inaba

  • Lunatic Moon Rabbit (TH08, TH09)
  • Sight-Shaking Youkai Rabbit (TH9.5)
  • Lunatic Red Eyes (PMiSS)
  • Red Eyes of Madness (TH10.5, TH12.3)

Remilia Scarlet

  • Eternally Young Scarlet Moon (TH06, TH10.5)
  • The Eternally Red New Moon (TH7.5)
  • The Scarlet Devil (TH08, PMiSS)
  • World of Crimson (TH9.5)
  • Vampire of the Heavy Fog (TH10.5)
  • Eternally Young Red Moon (TH12.3)


  • Engineer

Rikako Asakura

  • Scientist
  • Scientist that looks for dreams (TH03)

Rin Kaenbyou

  • Hell's Traffic Accident (TH11)
  • Corpse Tour Guide (TH12.5)

Rinnosuke Morichika

  • Store Owner of Kourindou (PMiSS)
  • The Unmoving Used Goods Seller


  • Youkai of the Dusk (TH06)
  • Youkai Hiding in the Darkness
  • Youkai of Twilight (PMiSS)

Sakuya Izayoi

  • Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion (TH06, TH07, TH08)
  • Perfect and Elegant Servant (TH07.5, TH10.5)
  • Chief Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion
  • Perfect and Elegant Maid (TH09, TH12.3)
  • Dangerous Illusionist (TH9.5)
  • Maid of the Evening Storm (TH10.5)

Sanae Kochiya

  • Deified Human of the Wind (TH10)
  • Newbie Goddess of the Mountain (TH12)
  • Embodiment of the Divine Wind (TH12.3)
  • Modern Living God (TH12.5)
  • Skin-deep and Shallow Human (WaHH)


  • Gate Keeper (TH05)


  • Angel of Death (HRtP)

Satori Komeiji

  • The Girl Even The Evil Spirits Fear (TH11)
  • Sickness in Everyone's Heart (TH12.5)


  • Gatekeeper (HRtP)


  • Goddess of Devil's World (TH05)

Shizuha Aki

  • Symbol of loneliness and death (TH10)
  • Painful Red Rain (TH12.5)

Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

  • Highest Judge of Paradise (TH09)
  • Nagging Helpful Lecture (TH9.5)
  • Supreme Judge of Hell (PMiSS)

Shou Toramaru

  • Disciple of Bishamonten (TH12)
  • Upstart Beast Youkai (TH12.5)

Suika Ibuki

  • Forgathering dream, illusion, and pandemonium (TH7.5)
  • The Dawn of Time (TH9.5)
  • Little Pandemonic Carnival (PMiSS)
  • Tiny/Little Pandemonium (TH10.5, TH11, TH12.3)
  • Sprinkling Pandemonium (TH10.5)
  • Free-Spirited Old timer (TH12.5)

Suwako Moriya

  • The Highest/Epitome of Native Gods (TH10, TH12.3)
  • Amphibian God (TH12.5)

Tenshi Hinanai

  • Thoughtless Not-so-Thoughtless Daughter of the Heavens (TH10.5)
  • Daughter of Bhavagra (TH12.3)
  • Young Mistress of Bhavagra (TH12.5)

Tewi Inaba

  • Earthborn Rabbit (TH08)
  • White Rabbit of Good Fortune (TH09)
  • Herd of Leaping Rabbits (TH9.5)

Three Mischievous Fairies

Sunny Milk

Luna Child

Star Sapphire

  • Prank-loving Sunlight (PMiSS)
  • The Shining Sunlight (TH12.8)
  • Silent Moonlight (PMiSS)
  • The Peaceful Moonlight (TH12.8)
  • Pouring Starlight (PMiSS, TH12.8)

Utsuho Reiuji

  • The Scorching, Troublesome Divine Flame (TH11)
  • Searing Divine Flame (TH12.3)
  • Subterranean Sun (TH12.5)

Watatsuki no Toyohime

  • The Moon Princess Connecting Mountain and Sea

Watatsuki no Yorihime

  • The Moon Princess Possessed by Divine Spirits

Wriggle Nightbug

  • A Bug of Light Wriggling in the Dark (TH08)
  • Swarm of Bright Bugs (TH9.5)

Yamame Kurodani

  • The Bright Net in the Dark Cavern (TH11)
  • Mood of Creeping Terror (TH12.5)

Youmu Konpaku

  • Ghostly Gardener (TH07)
  • Half-phantom Gardener (TH07.5, TH10.5)
  • Half-human Half-ghost (TH08)
  • Half-human Half-ghost and Half-baked (TH09)
  • Kirisute Gomen (TH9.5)
  • Gardener of the Azure Sky (TH10.5)

Yuugi Hoshiguma

  • The Rumored Unnatural Phenomenon (TH11)
  • Ruinous Super Strength (TH12.5)

Yuuka Kazami

  • Oriental Demon
  • Youkai (TH05)
  • Beauty of Everlasting Darkness (KOG)
  • Flower Master of the Four Seasons (TH09)

Yukari Yakumo

  • Mastermind behind the spiriting away (TH07)
  • Border of Phantasm (TH7.5, TH10.5, TH12.3)
  • Youkai of Boundaries (TH08, PMiSS, TH11)
  • Youkai that lurks in the boundary (TH08 character intros.txt)
  • Uncanny Smile (TH9.5)
  • Phantasmal Wedding of the Kitsune / Phantasmal Sunshower* (TH10.5)

(* The latter 2/3s of Yukari's 2nd TH10.5 title is "kitsune no yomeiri", which refers to rain falling from a clear sky, a.k.a. a sunshower.)


  • Black Witch (TH05)


  • Maid (TH05)

Yumemi Okazaki

  • Professor
  • Fantasy legend (TH03)


  • Evil Eyes (HRtP)

Yuyuko Saigyouji

  • Ghostly Girl in the Netherworld Tower (TH07)
  • Innocent Ghost (TH7.5, TH10.5, TH12.3)
  • Ghost from the Calamitous Nirvana (TH08)
  • Dreaming Ghost (TH8 character intros.txt)
  • Elegant Ghost Photography (TH9.5)
  • Snowy Ghost (TH10.5)

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