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Blizzard of Faith & Revenge: Items and Spell CardsEdit

A list of items and spell cards as I find them, their Chinese name and English name, and their effect.

Normal ItemsEdit

Chinese Name: 仙符[凤凰卵]
English Name: Wizard Sign "Phoenix Egg"
Effect: Restore 800 HP

Chinese Name: 仙符[凤凰展翅]
English Name: Wizard Sign "Phoenix Spread Wings"
Effect: Restore 1500 HP

Chinese Name: 天符[天仙鸣动]
English Name: Heaven Sign "Immortal Sage's Rumbling"
Effect: Restore 9999 HP

Chinese Name: 天丸[壶中的天地]
English Name: Spacesphere "Earth in a Pot"
Effect: Restore 400 SP

Chinese Name: 觉神[神代的记忆]
English Name: Awakened God "Memories of the Age of the Gods"
Effect: Restore 2000 SP

Chinese Name: 神符[天人的系谱]
English Name: God Sign "Genealogy of the Sky-born"
Effect: Restore 9999 SP

Chinese Name: 秘药[仙香玉兔]
English Name: Secret Elixir "Lunar Incense"
Effect: Restores 9999 HP/SP and lifts downed

Chinese Name: 苏活[生命游戏]
English Name: Revival "Game of Life"
Effect: Revives one downed character with 25% HP

Chinese Name: 苏活[苏生游戏]
English Name: Revival "Game of Rising"
Effect: Revives all downed character with 25% HP

Chinese Name: 药符[蝴蝶梦丸噩梦]
English Name: Medicine Sign "Butterfly Dream Pill - Nightmare Type"
Effect: Lifts confusion, paralysis and sleep for one character.

Chinese Name: 炼丹[水银之海]
English Name: Elixir "Mercury Sea"
Effect: Lifts poison, berserk and silence for one character.

Chinese Name: 药符[壶中的大银河]
English Name: Medicine Sign "Galaxy in a Pot"
Effect: Lifts all status from one character except downed.

Chinese Name: 灵符[梦想封印 集]
English name: Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal -Concentrate-"
Effect: Increase physical defense of one character for 7 rounds.

Chinese Name: 灵符[梦想封印 散]
English name: Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal -Spread-"
Effect: Increase physical defense of all characters for 7 rounds.

Chinese Name: 力符[阴阳玉将]
English Name: Power Sign "Yin-Yang King"
Effect: Increase attack and strength of one character for 7 rounds.

Chinese Name: 梦战[幻想之月]
English Name: Dream Battle "Illusionary Moon"
Effect: Increase attack and strength of all characters for 7 rounds.

Chinese Name: 森罗结界 -火-
English Name: Supernatural Border -Fire-
Effect: Increase fire resistance of all characters for 7 rounds.

Chinese Name: 森罗结界 -水-
English Name: Supernatural Border -Water-
Effect: Increase water resistance of all characters for 7 rounds.

Chinese Name: 森罗结界 -木-
English Name: Supernatural Border -Wood-
Effect: Increase wood resistance of all characters for 7 rounds.

Chinese Name: 森罗结界 -金-
English Name: Supernatural Border -Metal-
Effect: Increase metal resistance of all characters for 7 rounds.

Chinese Name: 森罗结界 -土-
English Name: Supernatural Border -Earth-
Effect: Increase earth resistance of all characters for 7 rounds.

Chinese Name: 森罗结界 -日-
English Name: Supernatural Border -Sun-
Effect: Increase sun resistance of all characters for 7 rounds.

Chinese Name: 森罗结界 -月-
English Name: Supernatural Border -Moon-
Effect: Increase moon resistance of all characters for 7 rounds.

Chinese Name: 梦符[封魔阵]
English Name: Dream Sign "Evil Sealing Circle"
Effect: Cause 500 damage to all enemies and inflicts silence.

Chinese Name: 神之粥
English Name: God's Rice Porridge
Effect: Permanently increase maximum HP by 80

Chinese Name: 禁药[蓬莱之药]
English Name: Forbidden Arcanum "Hourai Elixir"
Effect: Permanently increase maximum HP by 200

Chinese Name: 神脑[思兼的智慧]
English Name: Mind of God "Omoikane's Brain"
Effect: Permanently increase maximum SP by 100

Chinese Name: 阴阳[道满晴明]
English Name: Yin-Yang "Douman Seiman"
Effect: Permanently increase strength by 10

Chinese Name: 兔符[开运大纹]
English Name: Rabbit Sign "Great Fortune Crest"
Effect: Permanently increase dexterity by 10

Chinese Name: 疾风[风神少女]
English Name: Gale "Wind God Girl"
Effect: Permanently increase speed by 10

Chinese Name: 境符[色与空的境界]
English Name: Boundary Sign "Boundary between Form and Emptiness"
Effect: Permanently increase magic power by 20

Chinese Name: 雹符[冰雹暴风]
English Name: Hail Sign "Hailstorm"
Effect: Cause 500 damage to all enemies and inflicts freeze.

Chinese Name: 毒符[毒蛾的鳞粉]
English Name: Toxin Sign "Poisonous Moth's Scales"
Effect: Cause 500 damage to all enemies and inflicts paralysis.

Chinese Name: 夜盲[夜雀之歌]
English Name: Night-Blindness "Song of the Night Sparrow" Effect: Cause 500 damage to all enemies and inflict sleep.


Chinese Name: 魔理沙的笔记本
English Name: Marisa's Noteball
Effect: Quest Log, essentially.

Chinese Name: 蓬莱人形
English Name: Hourai Doll
Effect: One of Alice's Dolls.

Chinese Name: 法兰西人形
English Name: France Doll
Effect: One of Alice's Dolls.

Chinese Name: 魔理沙的地图
English Name: Marisa's Map
Effect: (Very crappily drawn) World Map.


For forging.

Chinese Name: 恋菇
English Name: (Love) Mushroom

Chinese Name: 月见草
English Name: Evening Primrose

Chinese Name: 雨见花
English Name: Rain Primrose (there is no real-life counterpart to this)

Chinese Name: 火玫瑰
English Name: Fire Rose

Chinese Name: 冰魄石
English Name: Icy Soul Rock

Chinese Name: 星之砂
English Name: Stardust

Chinese Name: 海星石
English Name: Starfish Rock

Chinese Name: 博丽的钱袋
English Name: Hakurei Money Pouch

Chinese Name: 湛世幽兰
English Name: Peerless Orchid

Spell CardsEdit

These are the "spells" the player characters cast. Some are learned by characters via leveling, others are obtained from various shops.


  • Level 1 - 魔符[星尘狂欢] (Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie")
    • Base Power 75/4 hits/Single
  • Level 5 - 魔符[银河] (Magic Sign "Milky Way")
    • Base Power 100/All
  • Level 9 - 恋符[非定向光线] (Love Sign "Non-directional Laser")
    • Base Power 80/7 hits/All/Love
  • Level 14 - 星符[龙陨石] (Star Sign "Dragon Meteor")
    • Base Power 175/11 hits/Single/Moon
  • Level 20 - 恋风[星光台风] (Love Storm "Starlight Typhoon")
    • Base Power 180/6 Hits/All/Love/Critical Damage
  • Level 25 - 魔空[小行星带] (Magic Space "Asteroid Belt")
    • Base Power 270/8 Hits/All/Moon
  • Level 30 - 恋符[极限火花] (Love Sign "Master Spark")
    • Base Power 480/11 hits/All/Love (With the [最终幻想] (Final Fantasy) accessory equipped, Marisa will fire Master Spark, Dual Spark, Final Master Spark, and Planetary Destruction Cannon (if applicable) back to back)
  • Level ?? - 光符[地球光] (Light Sign "Earth Search Light")
    • Base Power 250/11 Hits/Single/Sun/Last hit has 12x power
  • Level 39 - 天仪[天球仪中的太阳系] (Astronomical Instrument "Orreries' Solar System")
    • Lifts all negative status from caster and adds resistance to all elements
  • Level 43 - 彗星[炙热的行星] (Comet "Blazing Star")
    • Base Power 1000/Single/Critical Damage, recovers some action gauge after use (With [Final Fantasy]equipped, this spell gives Marisa the status "Fantasy", which doubles her attack power and strength for 3 turns or until Marisa uses a magic (blue) spell card)
  • Level 47 - 恋心[二重火花] (Loving Heart "Dual Spark")
    • Base Power 480/22 hits/All/Love
  • Level 50 - 邪恋[超究极火花] (Evil Love "Final Master Spark")
    • Base Power 630/19 Hits/All/Love/Ignores defense, Always Hits, Last hit has 4x power
  • EX-A (After Marisa gets posessed by Mokou) [行星破坏炮] (Planetary Destruction Cannon)
    • ????? (Basically a Final Master Spark plus several additional hits)


  • Level 1 - 禁忌[红梅陷阱] (Taboo "Cranberry Trap")
    • Base Power 150/9 hits/Single/Moon/Adds Poison
  • Level 14 - 禁忌[恋之谜宫] (Taboo "Maze of Love")
    • Base Power 100/9 hits/Single/Moon/Adds Confusion, Last hit has 10x power
  • Level 25 - 禁忌[莱瓦丁] (Taboo "Laevatein")
    • Base Power 1200/2 hits/Single/Fire/Critical Damage, Drains Life (With the [火焰纹章] (Fire Emblem) accessory equipped, Flandre will keep using this spell nonstop until either all enemies are dead or when she runs out of SP. In addition, Laevatein will carry the Ignite effect)
  • Level ?? - 秘弹[之后,无人了吗?] (Secret Barrage "And Then Will There Be None?")
    • Base Power 400/21 hits/All/Moon
  • Level 50 - [495年的波纹] ("Ripples of 495 Years")
    • ???? (Base Power 770/20 Hits/All/Drains HP and SP, Last hit has 10x power)


  • Level 1 - 光符[真理园的治愈人形] (Light Sign "Healing Doll of the Garden of Truth")
    • Base Power 10/Single/Healing/Lifts Poison, Confusion, Paralyze, Sleep, Berserk, Silence
  • Level 5 - 魔符[狡猾的献祭] (Magic Sign "Artful Sacrifice")
    • Base Power 190/All
  • Level 7 - 战符[小小军势] (War Sign "Little Legion")
    • Base Power 120/Critical Damage(?)/Single/Metal
  • Level 10 - 操符[少女文乐] (Puppeteer Sign "Maiden's Bunraku")
    • Adds Guard Up to one character
  • Level 12 - 人形[未来文乐] (Doll "Futuristic Bunraku")
    • Base Power 100/Single/Healing/Lifts downed
  • Level 15 - 战操[玩偶战争] (War Command "Doll's War")
    • Base Power 200/4 Hits/Single/Metal/Adds Poison
  • Level 18 - 战灵[人形千枪] (War Spirit "Doll's Thousand Spears")
    • Inflicts Strengthen on one character
  • Level 23 - 操符[海中的人形] (Puppeteer Sign "Dolls in Sea")
    • Base Power 250/7 Hits/Single/Ignores defense, adds Freeze
  • Level 28 - 咒符[稻草人形神风] (Curse Sign "Straw Doll Kamikaze")
    • Base Power 300/10 Hits/All
  • level ?? - 赤符[人形鲸鱼座] (Red Sign "Doll Mira Ceti")
    • Base Power 900/All/Adds Berserk
  • Level ?? - 魔幻[无色的秘银人形] (Magic Illusion "Colorless Mythril Doll")
    • Sacrifices some HP to fill action gauge for all allies
  • Level 40 - 魔操[回归虚无] (Magipulation "Return Inanimateness")
    • Base Power 1500/All/Adds Downed
  • Level 45 - 注灵[创魂表象] (Spirit Filling "Reactions of Soul Creation")
    • Inflicts Mag Up, Strengthen and Guard Up to all characters (With the [蔷薇少女] (Rozen Maiden)accessory equipped, this spell will also add the "Prayer" status (auto-life when downed))
  • Level 50 - [猎奇剧团里的怪人] ("The Phantom of the Grand Guignol")
    • ???? (Base Power 2000/7 Hits/All/Bonus damage from Dexterity, Adds basically every status plus Weaken and Guard Off)


  • Level 1 - 火符[火神之光] (Fire Sign "Agni Shine")
    • Base Power 70/Single/Fire
  • Level 2 - 水符[水精公主] (Water Sign "Princess Undine")
    • Base Power 100/Single/Healing
  • Level 5 - 木符[风灵的角笛] (Wood Sign "Sylphae Horn")
    • Base Power 90/All/Wood/Adds Sleep
  • Level 8 - 水符[湖葬] (Water Sign "Bury in Lake")
    • Base Power 100/All/Water
  • Level 10 - 土符[巨石震怒] (Earth Sign "Raging Triton")
    • Base Power 200/Single/Earth
  • Level 12 - 金符[金属疲劳] (Metal Sign "Metal Fatigue")
    • Base Power 300/2 Hits/All/Metal/Adds Weaken
  • Level 13 - 木符[翠绿风暴] (Wood Sign "Green Storm")
    • Base Power 50/All/Healing
  • Level 15 - 火土符[环状熔岩带] (Fire and Earth Sign "Lava Cromlech")
    • Base Power 250/3 Hits/All/Fire/Earth/Critical Damage
  • Level 18 - 木火符[森林大火] (Wood and Fire Sign "Forest Blaze")
    • Base Power 300/6 Hits/All/Fire/Earth(?)
  • Level 20 - 水木符[水精灵] (Water and Earth Sign "Water Elf")
    • Base Power 25/All/Healing/Lifts downed (With the [海之槛歌] (Cagesong of the Ocean) equipped, this spell also restores 2000 SP to the party)
  • Level 23 - 金水符[水银之毒] (Metal and Water Sign "Mercury Poison")
    • Base Power 250/8 Hits/All/Metal/Water/Adds Poison
  • Level 25 - 土金符[翡翠巨石] (Earth and Metal Sign "Emerald Megalith")
    • Base Power 350/6 Hits/All/Earth/Metal/Adds Paralyze, Last hit has 4x power
  • Level 29 - 火金符[圣爱尔摩火柱] (Fire and Metal Sign "St. Elmo's Pillar")
    • Base Power 290/26 Hits/Single/Fire/Metal
  • Level 32 - 土水符[诺亚的大洪水] (Earth and Water Sign "Nochian Deluge")
    • Base Power 550/12 Hits/All/Earth/Water
  • Level 35 - 水火符[燃素之雨] (Water and Fire Sign "Phlogiston Rain")
    • Base Power 250/21 Hits/All/Water/Fire/Damages SP, Last hit has 2x power
  • Level 41 - 月符[寂静的小夜曲] (Moon Sign "Silent Selene")
    • Base Power 1300/7 Hits/Single/Moon (With [海之槛歌] (Cagesong of the Ocean) accessory equipped, Patchouli will follow every cast of Silent Selene with an instant Royal Flare)
  • Level 45 - 日符[皇家烈焰] (Sun Sign "Royal Flare")
    • Base Power 430/40 Hits/All/Sun
  • Level 50 - 火水金木土符[贤者之石] (Five Elements Sign "Philosopher's Stone")
    • Removes all status and debuff from user and adds Philosopher's Stone (Doubles MaxHP/MaxSP/Magic Power, 150% Speed, 120% Defense/Magic Defense, bonus 45% evade, resistance to fire/water/metal/wood/earth), consumes one Philosopher's Stone (item).


  • Level 80 - 不死[火鸟 -风翼天翔-] (Immortal "Fire Bird -Flying Phoenix-")
    • Base Power 1400/4 Hits/All/Fire
  • Level 80 - 不死[徐福时空] (Deathless "Xu Fu's Dimension")
    • Base Power 600/6 Hits/All/Wood/Critical Damage, Adds Silence and Slow
  • Level 80 - 灭罪[正直者之死] (Forgiveness "Honest Man's Death")
    • Base Power 1050/3 Hits/Single/Critical Damage, Adds Downed
  • Level 80 - 蓬莱[凯风快晴 -富士山-] (Hourai "Fujiyama Volcano")
    • Base Power 500/6 Hits/All/Fire/Critical Damage, Adds Ignited
  • Level 80 - [不死鸟附体] ("Possessed by Phoenix")
    • ???? (HP + SP absorption)
  • Level 80 - [不死鸟重生] ("Phoenix Rebirth")
    • ???? (Damage + Ignite)
  • Level 90 - 蓬莱[焰灵 -火之核心-] (Hourai "Blazing Spirit -Heart of Fire-")
    • Base Power 1500/11 Hits/All/Fire/Adds Ignite, Weaken and Guard Down
  • Level 90 - 藤原[炎杀地狱劫] (Fujiwara "Infernal Ravage")
    • Base Power 500/120 Hits/All/Fire/Adds Ignite
  • Level 90 - [凤凰无双] ("Peerless Phoenix")
    • Attacks enemy with all other spellcards available, but halves all stats for ten rounds.


  • Level 90 - 神祭[扩展御柱] (Divine Festival "Expanding Onbashira")
    • Base Power 550/6 Hits/Single/Critical Damage, Adds Paralyze
  • Level 90 - 筒粥[神之粥] (Rice Porridge in Tube "God's Rice Porridge")
    • Base Power 300/6 Hits/All/Drains Life (recovers entire party)
  • Level 90 - 神秘[大和环面] (Mystery "Yamato Torus")
    • Base power 800/8 Hits/All/Damages Action Gauge
  • Level 90 - 天龙[雨之源泉] (Heaven's Dragon "Source of Rains")
    • Base Power 600/26 Hits/All/Water
  • Level 90 - [风神之神德] ("Virtues of Wind God")
    • ???? (Most likely to be wind elemental. Deals over 1 million damage)
  • Level 90 - [八百万魔神灭世] ("Eight Million Demon Gods' Armageddon)
    • ???? (Massive damage. Doesn't quite live up to the 8 million damage its name suggests but deals an average of 30,000 per hit for about 90 hits, with the last bolt dealing an additional 1 million+)


  • Level 90 - 魔神[白洞] (Demon God "White Hole")
    • Base Power 1500/All/Critical Damage, Adds Weakn, Guard Down, Slow
  • Level 90 - 魔神[黑洞] (Demon God "Black Hole")
    • Base power 850/12 Hits/All/Moon/Drains Life and SP
  • Level 90 - 创世[第六日禁令] (Genesis "Restrictions of Sabbath Day")
    • Base Power 1400/6 Hits/All/Soul
  • Level 90 - 魔毒[幻觉之毒] (Demonic Poison "Hallucinating Poison")
    • Base Power 600/24 Hits/All/Adds Poison
  • Level 90 - 灭世[汉诺塔的最后一步] (Armageddon "Last Step of Hanoi Tower")
    • Base Power 2000/5 Hits/All/Critical Damage, last hit has 2x power
  • Level 90 - [幻想乡灵力偏斜结界] ("Gensokyo Spiritual Power Deflector Barrier")
    • Doubles defense, resistance and maxHP for two turns, but disables use of magic (blue) spell cards
  • Level 90 - [四十六亿年的周期] ("Cycles of 4.6 Billion Years")
    • ???? (Heavy damage. Averages to 50,000 per hit for ~110 hits)
  • Level 90 - [起源] ("Source of Origins")
    • Base Power 100/All/Healing, Lifts Downed, Increase MaxHP and MaxSP by 30% for 7 turns


  • Level ?? - 产灵[最初的金字塔] (Spiritual Birth "First Pyramid")
    • Lifts all negative status and Adds Guard up for caster
  • Level ?? - 国符[三种神奇之剑] (Land Sign "Three Sacred Treasures -Sword-")
    • Base Power 1000/All/Critical Damage
  • Level ?? - 国符[三种神奇之玉] ((Land Sign "Three Sacred Treasures -Orb-")
    • Lifts All status from all party members
  • Level ?? - 国符[三种神奇之镜] (Land Sign "Three Sacred Treasures -Mirror-")
    • Base Power 800/6 Hits/All/Adds Freeze
  • Level ?? - 虚史[幻想乡传说] (Pseudo-History "The Legend of Gensokyo")
    • Base Power 13530/12 Hits/All/Last 2 Hits have 5x Power
  • Level ?? - [日出之国的天子] ("Emperor of the East")
    • ???? (8 hit damage combo. Probably sun-elemental?)
  • Level ?? - [似有似无的净化] ("Total Purification")
    • ???? (Revives and fully heals HP/SP of all party members)


  • Level ?? - 神宝[火蜥蜴之盾] (Divine Treasure "Salamander's Shield")
    • Adds Guard Up, Haste, Strengthen and Mag Up to all party members
  • Level ?? - 神宝[无限的生命之泉] (Divine Treasure "Life Spring Infinity")
    • Base Power 10/Healing/Removes all negative status and Adds Triple-cast to caster
  • Level ?? - 难题[蓬莱的弹枝] (Impossible Request "Hourai Barrage")
    • Base Power 2000/2 Hits/Single/Critical Damage, Ignores Defense, Damages Action Gauge
  • Level ?? - 神宝[耀眼的龙玉] (Divine Treasure "Brilliant Dragon Bullet")
    • Base Power 1200/20 Hits/All/Moon
  • Level ?? - 难题[燕的子安贝 -永命线-] (Impossible Request "Swallow's Cowrie Shell -Everlasting Life-")
    • Base Power 400/80 Hits/All/Damages Action Gauage
  • Level ?? - [蓬莱的树海] ("Tree Ocean of Hourai")

???? (Some damage + Dispel status)

  • Level ?? - 永夜返[耀世的启明星] (Return from Imperishable Night "Brilliant Supernova")
    • ???? (Just some damage)
  • Level ?? - [焱葬影夜杀] ("Shadow Immolation")
    • ???? (Fire + Moon elemental attack. Hits about 90 times for around 30,000 per hit normally. However, when the foes are ignited, this spell can deal over 10 million easily)
  • Level ?? - [永世凤凰无双] ("Eternal Peerless Phoenix")
    • ???? (Same as Peerless Phoenix, except with the extra spells added)

Mystia's Shop:

  • 光符[月光] (Light Sign "Moonlight")
    • Base Power 100/Single/Moon
  • 夜雀[午夜中的乐队指挥者] (Night Sparrow "Midnight Chorus Master")
    • Base Power 75/7 Hits/All/Moon/Adds Sleep
  • 灯符[荧光现象] (Lamp Sign "Firefly Phenomenon")
    • Base Power 55/4 Hits/All allies and enemies/Adds Poison
  • 雾符[毒气花园] (Fog Sign "Gassing Garden")
    • Base Power 155/All/Earth/Pierces Defense and adds Poison
  • 雪符[钻石风暴] (Snow Sign "Diamond Blizzard")
    • Base Power 80/7 Hits/All/Water/Adds slow
  • 风神[风神木叶隐身术] (Wind God "Wind God Hidden Among Tree Leaves")
    • Inflicts haste on caster
  • 旋符[红叶扇风] (Whirl Sign "Wind of the Red Leaf Fan")
    • Base Power 150/28 Hits/Single/Wood
  • 风神[天狗落山风] (Wind God "Tengu Fall Wind")
    • Base Power 150/All/Wood/Critical Damage
  • [幻想风靡] ("Illusionary Dominance")
    • ???? (Base Power 40/12 Hits/All/Ignores defense)
  • 奇迹[新星辉煌之夜] (Miracle "Night with Bright Guest Stars")
    • Base Power 100/12 Hits/All/Moon
  • 开海[海水分开之日] (Sea Opening "The Day the Sea Split")
    • Base Power 150/All/Water/Earth/Ignores Defense
  • 大奇迹[八坂之神风] (Great Miracle "Yasaka's Divine Wind")
    • Base Power 100/12 Hits/All/Water/Earth
  • 狂符[幻视调率] (Lunatic Sign "Visionary Tuning")
    • Base Power 90/2 Hits/All/Moon
  • 散符[真实之月] (Spread Sign "Invisible Full Moon")
    • Base Power 100/2 Hits/All/Moon/Adds Berserk
  • 月眼[月兔远隔催眠术] (Lunar Eyes "Tele-mesmerism")
    • Base Power 105/12 Hits/Single/Moon/Adds Sleep
  • 幻胧月睨 ("Lunatic Red Eyes")
    • ???? (Base Power 105/6 Hits/All/Moon/Adds Confusion
  • 人符[现世斩] (Human Sign "Slash of Present")
    • Base Power 150/Single/Metal
  • 妄执剑[修罗之血] (Obsession Sword "Blood of Asura")
    • Base Power 80/8 Hits/All/Metal
  • 断迷剑[迷津慈航斩] (Confusion-cutting Sword "Rise from Delusion Slash")
    • Base Power 150/Singe/Critical Damage
  • [白楼观翼斩] ("Hakugyokurou Wing Slash")
    • ???? (Base Power 200/7 Hits/Single/Critical Damage)
  • 死符[惊梦] (Death Sign "Ghastly Dream")
    • Base Power 260/2 Hits/All/Adds Downed
  • 死蝶[华胥的永眠] (Deadly Butterfly "Everlasting Nap")
    • Base power 150/4 Hits/All/Soul
  • 灵符[无寿之梦] (Spirit Sign "Ageless Dream")
    • Base Power 140/4 Hits/All/Critical Damage, Lifts all elemental superficial resistances
  • 再迷[幻想乡的黄泉归] (Lost Again "Gensokyo's Netherworld Geyser")
    • Inflicts Magic Up on all allies
  • [返魂蝶 八分咲] ("Resurrection Butterfly - 80% Reflowering")
    • ???? (Base Power 80/71 Hits/All)
  • [西行寺无余涅磐] ("Saigyouji Flawless Nirvana")
    • ???? (Base Power 90/40 Hits/All/Adds Downed)
  • 方符[奇门遁甲] (Direction Sign "Kimontonkou")
    • Inflicts Haste, Sun Resistance and Moon Resistance on all combatants
  • 鬼神[飞翔毘沙门天] (Oni God "Soaring Guardian God")
    • Base Power 550/All/Water/Adds Paralyze
  • 式神[仙狐思念] (Shikigami "Wizard Fox's Thoughts)
    • Base Power 550/3 Hits/Single/Adds Weaken
  • 式神[十二神将之宴] (Shikigami "12 God General's Banquet")
    • Base Power 270/12 Hits/Single/Metal
  • 式辉[凭依荼吉尼天] (Shikigami's Radiance "Dakini's Heavenly Possession")
    • Inflicts Strength, Magic Up and Haste on Caster
  • [狐狗狸的契约] ("Kokurri-san's Contract"]
    • ???? (Base Power 1000/All/Adds Slow, Silence)
  • 萃符[户隐山之投] (Gather Sign "Throwing Mt. Togakushi")
    • Base Power 550/Single/Earth/Critical Damage, adds Paralyze
  • 疎符[六里雾中] (Undense Sign "Beyond All in the Fog")
  • Base Power 350/15 Hits/All
  • 鬼气[蒙蒙迷雾] (Qi of Oni "Deep Fog Labyrinth")
  • Base Power 450/9 Hits/All/Adds Weaken, Guard Off
  • [百万鬼夜行] ("Night Parade of One Million Demons")
    • ???? (Base power 900/5 Hits/All/Metal/Critical Damage)
  • [天文秘葬法] ("Astronomical Entombing")
    • ???? (Base Power 250/26 Hits/Single/Moon/Drains SP)

Mystia from empty house:

  • [风神无双] ("Peerless Wind God")
    • ???? (Inflict Godpseed on caster)
  • 幻想[第一种永动机] (Phantasm "First Category Perpetual Motion Device")
    • Base Power 850/44 Hits/Single


  • 准备[呼唤神风的星之仪式] (Preparation "Star Ritual to Call the Godly Winds")
    • Refills SP and inflicts Mag up for caster. Cannot refill SP if caster's SP is at 0.
      • Obtained by using Sanae's Hairdress. Cannot be learned by Flandre.

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