It was a dark, but clear night. The water from the lake slowly lapped onto the shore, with the light of a crescent moon faintly illuminating the rippling surface. In the distance, a clock tower could be seen, and one could almost tell that it read 3 am. It was a rather silent night for Gensokyo, the youkai were reasonably calm, so someone could go out safely to marvel at the starry sky. Suddenly, a rock skipped across the lake, shattering the peaceful mood.

"Hmm, I can't remember the last time it was like this," thought Marisa. She looked up at the stars, her hair swaying gently in a cool, slight, breeze. "Just how long have I been so fascinated with the stars? Probably before I even met Mima. Back then..."

She laid back on the grass, thinking of everything she'd been through, since she stumbled across Gensokyo. She couldn't remember more than stumbling towards the border, and seeing a great demon behind it. Fascinated with fear, she went closer and closer, and the demon took her across. Ever since then, she's been training so hard to be a perfect magician. Back then, it was to impress Mima, now, Reimu. Meeting Reimu had probably been the most important moment in her life. It changed her from a foolish magician to a person with a serious goal. Topping Mima would've been impressive, but topping Reimu would be her life's dream.

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