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かつて、技術面において高い評価を得た発明家・エーリッヒの名は RedStormの発見によってさらに高みを見いだしたかのように…思えた。





The power plant, Red Storm.

Shortly after the exploration of Mars, an outbreak of local, brief storms have been sighted in the middle of the city.
This started the deployment of devices that used the energy contained in the crystals.

The crystals themselves contained the power of the Earth, but due to their inability to be controlled,
they were changed into easier-to-use energy on Mars, and then sent to Earth. This plan is currently in its testing phase.

The development of new clean and efficient energy.
For technology to progress, the current cutting-edge technology must be used to find even more high-energy sources.
Before, the most valuable inventor, Elrich, was lifted to even greater notoriety with the discovery of Red Storm... or so he thought.

After half a year, it was time to check the stability of the Red Storm project.
However, on that day, something began running wild without any warning... And there was only one hope to protect it.

"VIVIT-r, On Standby. System, OK.
...Yes, Master, I am fine. How may I be of service this time?
...Yes, understood. I shall go at once."

And now, to the place the story will begin.

Secondary Translation:

Power plant / RedStorm In Mars search, I was discovered in the center of the local storm to occur in a short time An energy generator to take with an ore. In order that when I am going to bring ore in itself into the earth, control fails for some reason I transfer to conversion, the surface of the earth for the energy that I am easy to apply on Mars. It is still an examination stage now. The development of the new energy that is effective in clean. If technology advances, make use of the technology really; when save it, want louder energy. As for the name of inventor / Erich with a high evaluation, ... was able to think in a technical aspect once as if I found a high place by discovery of RedStorm more. The RedStorm plan that showed stability for half a year. However, except the exception of ... mere one that one day they begin reckless driving without any sign. [I remove VIVIT-r, a wait state.] There are no system, abnormality. There is ..., and domine, I have it without a problem. What order is it this time? There was ... and understood it. ] which I go to promptly And to the place of opening of the story.

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