ASAPIN (Impact) is a Vietnamese Touhou player, notable for his former world records in three Touhou games: Perfect Cherry Blossom, Imperishable Night, and Mountain of Faith. As of June, 2009, all but one of ASAPIN's highest records have been obsoleted, however he still has a dozen of world-class scores under his belt.

Apparently, he has also been seen submitting high scores for arcade shooting games, such as Espgaluda 2.

In April, 2009, ASAPIN returned to the scoreboard with a record breaking run of Undefined Fantastic Object demo Lunatic mode, using Sanae-B and scoring 661 million.

Notable player records Edit

Game Mode Character Score Date Notes
Perfect Cherry Blossom Lunatic Sakuya-B 2,548,653,610 (#6) 2005/10/02
Imperishable Night Lunatic-A Yukari 2,749,555,540 (#3) 2004/12/10
Lunatic-B Rm & Yk 5,625,002,230 (#2) 2005/07/25
Lunatic-B Ms & Al 5,077,349,570 (#4) 2004/12/17
Lunatic-B Ym & Yy 5,038,663,630 (#4) 2004/12/24
Lunatic-B Marisa 4,157,326,550 (#2) 2004/12/24
Lunatic-B Alice 3,475,814,360 (#2) 2004/12/11
Extra Reimu 2,310,715,730 (#3) 2005/05/19
Extra Marisa 2,509,098,720 (#3) 2005/05/24
Extra Sakuya 2,357,010,670 (#3) 2005/05/02
Mountain of Faith Lunatic Reimu-B 2,011,206,740 (#4) 2007/09/28 One miss on stage 5.
Lunatic Reimu-C 1,871,984,550 (#2) 2007/10/01
Lunatic Marisa-B 1,936,115,560 (WR) 2007/09/26 No-miss, Marisa-B damage bug abused.

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